Within a week…more than one billion dollars in sales from the Central Bank of Iraq


During the previous week, the Central Bank of Iraq sold more than one billion US dollars in hard cash.

According to a Shafaq News Agency correspondent, the Central Bank sold one billion and ten million and four hundred and eighty-four dollars during the previous week and for the five days that the auction was open, at a daily rate of 202 million and 96 thousand and 816 dollars, a 3% increase from the previous week, which amounted to sales of 197 million, 677 thousand, and 718 dollars.

The largest dollar sales occurred on Monday, totaling 219 million, 107,561 dollars, while the lowest occurred on Wednesday, totaling 197 million, 154,228 dollars.

According to our correspondent, international remittance sales during the previous week were 951 million 728 thousand and 800 dollars, an increase of 83.91% above cash sales of 153 million 116 thousand dollars.

Our correspondent explained that the sales were made in the form of cash and transfers abroad to finance foreign trade, while the selling price of documentary credits and international settlements for electronic cards was 1,305 dinars per dollar, and the selling price of transfers abroad and cash was 1,310 dinars per dollar.


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