With names…an economist reveals companies smuggling dollars from Iraq


On Wednesday, economic expert Omar Al-Halbousi exposed firms smuggling dollars out of Iraq, emphasizing that the government and central bank have yet to fight these organizations and halt the smuggling of dollars from Iraq.

Al-Halbousi, who goes by the name “Jarida ,” “New, Blue, and Zain Cash cards are one of the fraudulent means of smuggling the dollar, which speculators have resorted to to smuggle the dollar, noting that due diligence is not carried out before issuing this card, and if we tracked the cards that were held at the ports and airports, we would find many of these.” These firms’ cards are pre-loaded with money.”

He went on to say, “The government and the Central Bank have not yet played their real role in fighting these companies and stopping the smuggling of the dollar from Iraq,” pointing out that “if the smuggling of the dollar was caused by the exchange companies that were fought, then why did the exchange rate rise so much and not decrease?”

He went on to say, “These companies are run by influential people who have influence in the government and the central bank, and therefore they are overlooked in order to do what they want.”


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