With American support, Al-Halbousi ignores Parliament’s decisions in preparation for the scenario of Western secession


Muhammad al-Halbousi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is preparing the ground for the signing of a series of agreements between tribal leaders loyal to him and leaders of the American army in the western regions to arm the tribes and declare the Sunni region, in defiance of the Iraqi parliament’s decision to end the American presence in Iraq.

According to Khaled Al-Dulaimi, one of Anbar Governorate’s sheikhs and notables, Speaker of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Halbousi, facilitated a meeting between American soldiers and several Anbar sheikhs and notables at the Ain Al-Asad air base.

According to Al-Dulaimi, “Al-Halbousi paved the way for the American forces to hold meetings and meetings with some of the tribal sheikhs in Anbar inside the building of the Ain al-Asad air base, west of the governorate, in order to exchange visions on topics related to the American forces’ movements and their continuation in their bases in the regions.” Western relations would be different if these leaders had not objected to America’s long-term stance in Anbar.”

“America is planning to arm the tribes to serve its interests under false pretexts, including the existence of an ISIS criminal gang threat to Anbar, as well as encouraging these figures to put forward the idea of establishing an Anbar province,” Al-Dulaimi stated.

“Al-Halbousi enjoys good relations with American political and security figures that qualify him to carry out this mission, while allocating huge sums of money to realize this project,” he said, adding that “America has assigned all infrastructure projects in Anbar to Al-Halbousi in order to strengthen it.”

Some Anbar sheikhs’ loyalty is bought by Al-Halbousi.

Suleiman Al-Dulaimi, one of Anbar Governorate’s sheikhs and notables, revealed on Sunday that Speaker of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Halbousi had purchased the liabilities of some politicians and tribal sheikhs in exchange for a Tahoe in order to support him in the upcoming elections.

According to Al-Dulaimi, “Al-Halbousi bought the Tahoe wheels and distributed them to some political and tribal figures in order to attract them from the blocs and political parties opposed to his orientations and include them in the Taqaddam Party.”

“Many political and tribal figures were subjected to severe criticism for their stance in support of President Al-Halbousi after they were among his arch enemies,” Al-Dulaimi said, “and according to the change in their positions, they were rewarded with luxury wheels.”

“Al-Halbousi is using state funds allocated for reconstruction projects to attract political and tribal figures opposed to his party’s tendencies,” he said, “in a move that would achieve his dream of remaining in the position that he and his party occupy.”

Front of the counter

Adnan Muhammad, an independent politician, reveals the plan of four Sunni political parties to apply pressure and give information regarding the Speaker of Parliament’s participation in seven major corruption cases.

In an interview with Al-Maalouma, Muhammad stated that “four of the most important Sunni alliances realize that Al-Halbousi’s party relied heavily on Reconstruction Fund projects, which represents a cave of money that was greatly exploited for electoral influence in 2021.”

“The Sunni alliances began to put effective pressure on the Al-Halbousi party to open the money cave by investigating projects in light of suspicions of financial and administrative corruption, especially since the Anbar files raised many questions about the extent of corruption in other provinces,” he added.

He stated that “seven projects in Diyala, Anbar, and Nineveh are being investigated,” and that “Sunni forces are attempting to thwart any attempt by Al-Halbousi to exploit his influence in institutions for electoral gain.”

Losing Al-Halbousi’s radiance

According to Muhammad, “the Taqadum Party relied 90% on Muhammad al-Halbousi in the 2021 elections to win votes through the Anbar reconstruction card and unprecedented promotion supported by great financial abundance to influence the opinion of voters.”


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