Washington reveals the departure of its non-essential employees from Iraq


In a statement released Sunday but dated Friday, the US State Department ordered the evacuation of non-essential workers from its embassy in Baghdad and consulate in Erbil.

The evacuation order, which coincided with the increase of tensions in the region, was issued “due to the increasing security threats affecting US crews and interests.”

“Employee family members and non-essential employees” at the US diplomatic mission in Iraq are included in the directive.

The memo also urged Americans not to travel to Iraq “because of terrorism, kidnapping, armed conflicts, uprisings, and the mission’s limited ability to provide assistance to American citizens.”

The Foreign Ministry’s announcement provided an update on the travel advise and warnings.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq used a drone to attack the American “Ain al-Assad” outpost in western Iraq on Saturday.

The strike comes as the Islamic resistance threatens US interests in Iraq, against the backdrop of Washington’s support for Israel in the battle with Hamas, which has resulted in thousands of Palestinian fatalities.


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