Washington is dissatisfied with the Sudanese government.. Iraqi oil is on the sanctions radar


Dr. Ghazi Faisal, the head of the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies, stated on Saturday that there are strong American objections to some of the Iraqi government’s policies, particularly “black transfers,” which may force Washington to impose new sanctions, including sanctions against Iraqi oil.

“The United States of America is a strategic ally within the framework of the strategic alliance agreement between the United States and Iraq, signed in 2008 and effective after the Iraqi Parliament ratified it in 2009,” Faisal informed ” Jarida “.

“The relationship of strategic partnership and cooperation in its military, political, technological, and economic forms continues between the American administration and Iraq,” he continued, “within the framework of what the American ambassador in Baghdad declares, who expresses her sincere appreciation.”

“However, there are major problems, including the US administration’s statements related to Iraqi banks tampering with dollar transfers called (black transfers), meaning those linked to financial corruption and money laundering, particularly towards Iran,” Faisal stated.

He stated that “Washington threatened the Central Bank and the Iraqi government that it would be forced to issue sanctions against these banks, which may even include Iraqi oil.”

As a result, “there are common general positions and strategic alliance relations between Washington and Baghdad, but there are also strong objections to many of the policies pursued by radical forces allied with Iran, as well as armed organizations allied with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and some of the Iraqi government’s policies.”

“So, Washington, as much as it is an ally of Baghdad, but it has observations on the government formed by the coordination framework, and for this reason, until this moment, an official invitation has not been sent to Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to visit Washington and meet with US President Biden, and there may be an opportunity to meet the two presidents in New York.” This month’s United Nations General Assembly sessions.


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