Turkish Minister of Energy: This week, we will start operating the oil pipeline between Iraq and Turkey


According to “Sky News Urgent,” Turkish Energy Minister Alp Arslan Bayraktar indicated on Monday that his country wants to restart the oil transport pipeline from Iraq to Turkey this week.

Bayrakdar stated, “The pipeline to transport oil from Iraq is ready from today.”

Bayrakdar stated a few days ago that the oil export pipeline from northern Iraq to Turkey will be ready to start operations shortly after tests to maintain the line and repair flood damage.

According to Bayraktar, the oil pipeline has been inspected and will be “technically” ready for operation soon.

Turkey halted flows through the pipeline in northern Iraq on March 25 after the International Chamber of Commerce ordered Ankara to pay Baghdad compensation for unauthorized exports by the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government between 2014 and 2018.

During the Iraqi oil minister’s visit to Ankara on Tuesday, 8/22/2023, no agreement was reached on resuming oil shipments from the Kurdistan Region.

According to Reuters, “the Iraqi and Turkish oil ministers did not reach an agreement to resume oil exports from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.”

She went on to say, “the two ministers agreed to hold further discussions in the future.”


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