To solve the crisis of the rise in the dollar… Parliament reveals the method and determines the party responsible for its implementation


Today, Monday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee unveiled the technique for resolving the problem of the high dollar exchange rate in the local market, while also naming the party accountable for implementing this solution.

In a press statement, Committee member Jamal Cougar added that solving the dollar crisis requires finding a way to make some transfers for small merchants who work to finance their imports through (black transfers), as these transfers continue on a daily basis despite all government measures.

Koger explained that the government and the central bank are the two bodies authorized to find a solution to these transfers through dialogue and negotiation with the American side, and that without that, there will be a large difference between the official price and the parallel price in the local market, which is the source of the crisis, but there have been no solutions to it previously. The appropriate authorities.

During the previous months, the dollar exchange rate increased noticeably, while prices surpassed the barrier of 165 thousand dinars for every 100 dollars, igniting the market and raising the prices of food and other commodities due to merchants’ fears of losses as a result of this rise.


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