“To prevent the situation from exploding.” The law calls for an extraordinary session on Kirkuk


Today, Sunday, the State of Law Coalition urged the House of Representatives to convene an emergency session to review the situation in Kirkuk Governorate, warning that the situation might devolve into a security crisis.
In an interview with Al-Maalouma, coalition leader Haider al-Lami stated that “the language of dialogue must prevail, and unrealistic decisions must not be taken, and the government’s voice is the loudest and strongest,” adding that “solving the matter with weapons will expose all neighboring regions and provinces to great security risks.”

“Political leaders must be responsible in ending the violations and attacks that occur in Kirkuk,” he stated, warning that “things will reach the stage of security explosion due to the absence of solutions that satisfy all parties.”
“The need for the government to be the official sponsor of resolving the issue of Kirkuk and not adopting the issue from one side trying to impose wills on other parties,” Al-Lami emphasized, adding that “Parliament is required to hold an extraordinary session of the Council in order to discuss the outstanding issues in Kirkuk from all parties.”

The Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, had previously instructed the implementation of a curfew in Kirkuk and the launch of large-scale security operations, with the goal of avoiding unrest and ensuring security, stability, and order in the province.
Yesterday, gunmen fired live bullets into the tents of protestors in front of the Operations Command headquarters, as well as those who opposed the return of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Peshmerga to Kirkuk.


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