The Supreme Court of Russia bans the homosexual movement in the country


According to a TASS journalist, Russia’s Supreme Court deemed the LGBT movement to be an extremist movement and prohibited its operations in the nation.
According to the court’s judgment, “the Russian Ministry of Justice’s demand to consider gay circles as an extremist movement has been met.” The ruling of the court noted that it is subject to immediate execution.
The Supreme Court session was held behind closed doors owing to classified documents in the case, according to the reporter, and representatives of the accused party did not attend the courtroom.

The court spent roughly four hours studying the information supplied by the Ministry of Justice before it issued its judgment, which included the verdict itself but did not include a presentation or explanation of the reasons why the court made this conclusion.
Previously, the Russian Ministry of Justice launched a lawsuit to outlaw the LGBT movement in Russia.
The complaint cited many symptoms and expressions of extremism in the movement’s actions on Russian soil, including incitement to social and religious hate.


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