The Sudanese financial advisor reveals the paths of partnership between the state and the private sector


Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, the Prime Minister’s finance advisor, stated the avenues of collaboration between the state and the private sector today, Sunday, emphasizing the significance of passing the economic reform law.

According to Saleh, in an interview with the official news agency, “The government seeks to develop the economic system in the country by building a true partnership between the state and the private sector,” adding that “this partnership aims to achieve the diversification of the economy and gradually get rid of the state’s dependence on oil revenues to finance The economic activity” .

He went on to say, “There are multiple areas of partnership with the private sector, including financing partnerships and issuing carbon bonds and reconstruction bonds to obtain financing from the financial markets,” as well as “the role of the Iraq Fund for Development in supporting the private sector by financing its investments at various levels.”

Saleh went on to emphasize “the importance of the government’s role as a true guarantor of the supply of Western technology to the private sector, especially in the field of industry, agriculture and digital technology,” pointing out that “this is a partnership guaranteeing the supply of advanced technology to the country with government financial guarantees.”

He also underscored “the importance of legislating the economic reform law, which will represent a new model of partnership in investing in strategic economic activities and will contribute to expanding the scope of investments and improving infrastructure.”


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