The series of American lies and Iraqi Kurdistan oil


When one of us talks about America with all of its flaws, it is said that this is unfair to this superpower because it has one of the best democratic systems, a state with solid institutions and a fixed approach, and represents a model for the free world, but people like those who hold this opinion do not pay attention, and the cronies do not pay attention in return. This great country is subjected to lies and deceit, as well as frantic attempts to put pressure on Baghdad and send false messages that contradict and jump on the truth, not the least of which are the statements of former American ambassador in Baghdad, James Jeffrey, who stated that the failure to resume oil exports from Iraqi Kurdistan.

To highlight his clear untruth in this area, we shall provide evidence that Turkey is the source of this impediment.
In detail, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil delegation’s visit to Ankara in June ended with Turkey’s refusal to resume exporting Iraqi oil, with Turkish officials citing obstacles and technical reasons related to the condition of the conveyor pipeline and its exposure to damage as a result of the earthquake that struck southwest Turkey. During the minister’s visit, Turkey’s rejectionist stance was reiterated. On August 20th, Iraqi oil officials met to address the same issue. This was followed by a thorough discussion of the problem when the Turkish Foreign Minister paid a visit to Baghdad.

1- That Iraq drop its lawsuit against Turkey before the International Court of Arbitration in Paris, where the court ordered the Turkish side to pay $1.5 billion for breaking the law and exporting oil without first obtaining permission from the federal government in Baghdad.
2- Iraq compensates the Turkish enterprises that operate the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline, which was damaged as a result of the oil export ban.

3- Because the pipeline was damaged by the earthquake that struck Turkey, the Iraqi side is maintaining it at its own expense.

4- A $7 payment for each barrel of Iraqi oil exported to Turkey via the Ceyhan port.
In addition to other details that reflect Turkey’s arrogance and bargaining with Iraq in this economic file, which Jeffrey was unable to notice, possibly due to blackmail behavior, which he used to practice during his diplomatic work, so if Turkey’s requirements are like this, who controls this file, Mr. Jeffrey!! Isn’t it the party that sets the conditions and negotiations with Iraq on the water problem, or is American lying, inventing crises, and blaming Iran and the Baghdad government standard Zionist-American behavior for which no one holds you accountable?
The fact is that America is ignoring the situation.


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