The Saudi King informs the Iraqi President of the importance of coordinating positions in facing the challenges of the region


Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid received a written greeting from Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz on Wednesday, in which he expressed his country’s willingness to deepen bilateral relations.

According to a statement obtained by Shafaq News Agency, this occurred during Rashid’s greeting of the Saudi ambassador to Iraq, Abdulaziz Al-Shammari, at Baghdad Palace.

The message from the King of Saudi Arabia emphasized the Kingdom’s wish to expand relations between the two nations in a way that serves the shared interests of the two brotherly peoples, as well as the necessity of coordinating stances in tackling the region’s issues.

During the meeting, Iraq’s President emphasized the need of strengthening relations between Iraq and the Kingdom and broadening the frontiers of constructive collaboration for the benefit of both nations.

Ambassador Al-Shammari, for his part, emphasized the Kingdom’s desire to enhance relations with Iraq and support its security and stability, complimenting Iraq’s significant advances in numerous domains.


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