The Prime Minister confirms the government’s determination to put a final end to the oil smuggling file, which has been neglected for many yearsThe Japanese ambassado


On Sunday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani congratulated the Supreme Judicial Council for issuing deterrent decisions against a gang of oil traffickers, while emphasizing the government’s desire to put a stop to this long-dormant case.

In a statement, government spokesman Basem Al-Awadi said, “In confirmation of the Prime Minister’s, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, continuous follow-up on the file of fighting corruption, and what is related to oil smuggling crimes, and what the president announced more than once in this regard, of great efforts that resulted in the dismantling of the largest smuggling networks, and the arrest of dozens of smugglers

“The prime minister also appreciates the heroic role of the National Security Apparatus, which played a key role in following up on and exposing this destructive file for the national economy,” he continued.

“The prime minister reaffirms that the government will stand up to all those who tamper with the wealth of the Iraqi people, whether they are smugglers or transgressors of public money, in accordance with the law and the judiciary,” he said, adding that “the government is determined to put a final end to this file that has been neglected for many years.”


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