The popular movement accuses Washington of imposing guardianship over Iraq


The popular movement cautioned the administration on Monday of the repercussions of delaying the previous parliament’s vote on the departure of foreign soldiers from Iraq.

Hussein Ali Jassim, the leader of the movement’s organizational committee, told the Maalouma Agency that “America imposes its guardianship over Iraq’s sovereignty and is still pressuring towards procrastination of the withdrawal issue.”
He went on to say, “There is marketing for the previous parliament’s decision regarding the removal of all foreign forces, especially American forces, from the country according to a specific timetable.”

He went on to say that “the presence of foreign forces is popularly rejected,” and called on “the coordination framework forces to set a date to host the government within the House of Representatives to discuss marketing the file of scheduling foreign withdrawal from the country.”
The Popular Legal Movement called the current efforts to remove foreign soldiers from Iraq a media frenzy and demanded that the issue be brought back to the parliamentary table.


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