The Parliamentary Finance Committee calls for controlling the dollar exchange rate


On Sunday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee asked for the dollar exchange rate to be controlled, emphasizing the need of following up on economic measures and automating taxes, as they are the foundation of money and the economy.

The Media Division of the House of Representatives said in a press release: “The Finance Committee was held under the chairmanship of Atwan Al-Atwani and in the presence of members of the Subcommittee (Central Bank and Banking Committee) today, Sunday 10/15/2023, to discuss the report prepared by the Subcommittee on the procedures of the Central Bank and private banks as well as policy.” There is money in the country.

“Atwan Al-Atwani stressed during the meeting held at the committee’s headquarters the importance of following up on all measures related to economic affairs and automating taxes as they are the foundation for money and the economy, in addition to the committee creating a practical and realistic study in implementation of the supervisory role, to maintain financial and banking stability, as well as Mechanism for dealing with monetary policy,” she added.

“At the same time, the committee discussed the reasons for the rise in the exchange rates of the dollar against the dinar and the necessity of controlling and repositioning the labor market, as the committee stressed the importance of activating the private sector and inviting investors,” she continued.

The Finance Committee paid close attention, according to the statement, “to the report of the subcommittee on the policy of the Central Bank and private banks, conducting an evaluation of the dealing management and the bank’s tasks in financial trading, and developing confrontation packages and challenges facing monetary policy, to control exchange rates, in addition to the issues of granting loans and the housing initiative.”


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