The Kurdistan Democratic Bloc in the Iraqi Parliament intends to amend the federal budget law


Vian Sabri, the president of the Democratic Party group in the Iraqi Parliament, confirmed her camp’s plan to alter the budget legislation today, Saturday, stating that the modification involves sending the whole Kurdistan region’s portion.

According to Vian

“Now Kurdistan’s share of 12.67% of Iraq’s actual spending is paid,” Sabry continued. We want the region’s part to be paid from Iraq’s overall income rather than from the real agreement, thus this budget item must be changed.”

“We are working to amend the budget law so that the Kurdistan Region’s share is sent in full,” she said. If employee payments are financed for three months, they will stay two months, and the Iraqi government is required to pay the salary for these two months if the final accounts are settled at the conclusion of the current fiscal year.”

Sabry, the president of the Democratic Party parliamentary caucus, “the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government agreed with the Prime Minister of Iraq to pay three months’ salaries, and Baghdad must pay the remaining two months.”


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