The Japanese ambassador to Our companies will enter the Iraqi labor market, and we will implement projects and develop infrastructure


Futoshi Matsumoto, Japan’s ambassador to Iraq, declared on Monday that his country’s enterprises will enter and engage in the Iraqi labor market.

According to Matsumoto, “the embassy held several consultations with ministers and officials in the Iraqi government in order to open the door to investment, introduce Japanese companies to the Iraqi labor market, invest in many projects, and develop infrastructure.”

He said that “Japanese companies are working on many projects in various fields, including the field of oil, building electrical stations, and establishing water treatment plants.”

The Japanese envoy went on to say, “We are currently working on investing in new projects through our meetings with ministers and officials in the Iraqi government.”

Futochi Matsumoto, Japan’s ambassador to Baghdad, stated his country’s willingness to engage in silica sand projects in Iraq in April 2023.

This occurred at his meeting with Haider Muhammad Makiya, the head of the National Investment Commission.


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