The Iraqi resistance claims targeting Ain al-Assad and Harir and threatens new operations


The Islamic Resistance in Iraq issued a harsh warning to American soldiers on Wednesday, vowing to carry out more operations against them.

According to al-Mayadeen’s sources in the resistance, “the Islamic Resistance adopted operations targeting American forces at the Ain al-Assad and Harir bases in Iraqi Kurdistan.”

Furthermore, the “Tashkeel Al-Warithin” organization claimed credit for utilizing a drone to strike American personnel at the Harir facility in Iraqi Kurdistan. In accordance with the fields.

These events take place in the midst of the ongoing intensification of the cruel Zionist war on Gaza, as well as escalating rage and attacks against American soldiers in Iraq.

On Wednesday, a security source said that a blast targeted an American military airfield in the Kurdistan Region’s Erbil Governorate.

On Wednesday, the US Army also confessed that it launched a drone strike on its personnel at the Ain al-Asad facility, west of Anbar Governorate.


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