The Iraqi president affirms support for efforts to pass the oil and gas law


Iraqi President Abd al-Latif Jamal Rashid reaffirmed his support for all efforts aimed at passing the oil and gas law in a way that protects all Iraqis’ rights.

And the Iraqi presidency stated today / Monday / in a statement that the latter “visited the province of Sulaymaniyah, and was received by the governor of Sulaymaniyah, Haval Abu Bakr, where Rashid stressed the need to make efforts to combat all forms of corruption and provide the best services to citizens, and support all Efforts to pass the oil and gas law in a manner that preserves the rights of all Iraqis.”

The Iraqi president emphasized the need of developing cultural facilities that promote Kurdish culture and history, as well as conserving the province’s antiquities and caring for its museum.

Governor Haval Abu Bakr, for his part, stated that the governorate would continue to strive in all departments to offer inhabitants with services that meet their hopes for stability.


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