The Iraqi government says that it has fully implemented its financial obligations towards the Kurdistan Region


Federal government spokesperson Bassem Al-Awadi said on Friday that the government had completely met its financial responsibilities to the Kurdistan Region, but that the regional administration had not sent oil and non-oil income to Baghdad.

“The federal government is as keen on the rights of citizens in the Kurdistan Region as it is on the rights of citizens in other governorates,” Al-Awadi said in a previous post on the “X” Twitter website, adding that “adherence to federal laws and agreements concluded, under the constitution, is the shortest path to completing transfers.” Finance and confidence building.

He also stated, “As the Federal Budget Law required its delivery, despite the regional government’s lack of commitment, the federal government took a decision not to hold Iraqi citizens in the region responsible for non-compliance, and we worked as permitted by the law by taking a decision in the Council of Ministers to lend to the region until its financial problems are fundamentally resolved.”

“The federal government has fully implemented its financial obligations to the Kurdistan Region, and has made great efforts to provide solutions,” Al-Awadi stated. According to the state’s real spending, the region owed more than three times the region’s share until the end of June, although the regional administration did not send over oil proceeds.”

Wednesday, the Kurdistan Region Council of Ministers urged the federal government in Baghdad to disburse the region’s financial entitlements in the amounts specified in the budget tables, and urged the international community to assist the Kurdistan Region in obtaining its constitutional rights and financial entitlements in accordance with the constitution and signed agreements.

Yesterday, Thursday, Masrour Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, criticized the federal government in Baghdad’s inability to provide financial dues to the area, in breach of constitutional arrangements.

In a blog post on the X website (formerly Twitter), Barzani stated that “Baghdad’s refusal to send our financial dues confirmed in the federal general budget is a violation of constitutional agreements, harms our citizens, and undermines confidence.”


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