The head of the Integrity Commission stresses holding the corrupt, especially the big ones, accountable publicly


Today, Friday, the chairman of the Federal Integrity Commission, Judge Haider Hanoun, emphasized the need of anti-corruption measures being open and the public being informed of their findings, emphasizing the importance of the corrupt, particularly the powerful, being held accountable.
According to a statement received by Al-Maalouma, Hanoun stressed “the importance of the role of civil society organizations and research and strategic centers in spreading and consolidating the culture of integrity and preserving money among society,” describing them as “the state’s eye in It remained a free and stable democratic system,” emphasizing “the role of the citizen in preselection.”

He went on to say, “The task of combating corruption is a noble national mission and it is a trust in the hands of those working in the regulatory agencies.” He emphasized the obvious link between corruption and terrorism, stating that the latter would not have been able to govern and infiltrate without the presence of corruption and the corrupt, as well as their collaboration. He emphasized the importance of citizens battling corruption by cooperating with and reporting regulatory bodies. Concerning instances of bargaining, extortion, and bribery that they may come across when investigating governmental institutions.”

Hanoun attributed “the achievements achieved by the Commission in the past months to the platform of work drawn up by the Commission, and the presence of a serious government in its program in which it placed the fight against corruption as its first priority, in addition to the support and support of the legislative and judicial authorities,” explaining that the Commission and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee are working diligently and diligently to complete The dreaded dreaded dreaded dreaded dreaded dreaded d

” The statement continued, “Representatives of the (Dijlah Center for Strategic Planning) expressed their admiration for the Commission’s recent achievements in the field of combating corruption and recovering funds, expressing their readiness to intensify work with the Authority; to raise awareness of the seriousness of the scourge of corruption, encourage reporting of it, and strive diligently; to achieve community oversight that supports official regulations.”


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