The government intervenes and Barzani’s attempt to control Kirkuk fails


Rasoul Radi, a member of the State of Law coalition, confirmed today, Friday, that the government’s decision to withdraw security forces from the joint operations headquarters in Kirkuk has thwarted the Democratic Party’s attempt to take control of the headquarters, which is considered the starting point for the federal government’s decisions within the province.

Radi stated to Al-Maalouma, “All measures have been taken regarding holding provincial council elections, especially in Kirkuk Governorate, despite the problems being raised by the Kurds inside this governorate.”

He said, “The Kurdish attempts to control the operations headquarters in Kirkuk have failed, as this headquarters is considered the prominent address of the federal government in Kirkuk and through it all orders are implemented, especially security ones.”

He stated that “the attempt to empty the aforementioned location and give it to the Democratic Party and the Peshmerga forces was the subject of a conversation that caused disagreements, and prompted the government to withdraw the security forces from this headquarters and keep them inside it to impose control and not give it to the Democratic Party.”


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