The Federal Court rejects a lawsuit against sending 700 billion dinars to the Kurdistan Region


Amanj Rahim, Secretary of the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers, reported on Thursday that the Federal Supreme Court (the country’s highest judicial authority) refused to issue a state order suspending the Iraqi Council of Ministers’ decision to send 700 billion dinars to the region to finance employee and worker salaries. there.

In a written statement distributed to local Kurdish media, Rahim stated, “The Federal Court rejected Representative Mustafa Sanad’s request to issue a state order suspending the work of Federal Council of Ministers Resolutions No. 23500 and 23520 for the year 2023 regarding the granting of a loan worth 700 billion dinars per month to the government.” For three months, I was in the Kurdistan Region.

A high-level delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, led by Masrour Barzani, visited Baghdad last week, holding a series of meetings and meetings with the three presidencies, leaders and leaders of the political blocs and forces, with the goal of resolving the problem of financing the region’s monthly salaries and securing Kurdistan’s share of the budget. A formula has been developed. In a subsequent session, the Council of Ministers declared an agreement.

In a session held on September 17, the Council of Ministers resolved to change its earlier resolution No. (23500) of 2023 to read as follows:

  1. Rafidain and Rasheed Banks and (TBI) will lend the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government two trillion and one hundred billion dinars for the current fiscal year, which will be paid in three equal payments of 700 billion dinars each beginning in September.
  2. After resolving what is owing, the Federal Ministry of Finance will return the loan amounts specified in paragraph (1) above from the region’s allocations in the federal general budget for fiscal year 2023.
  3. If the balance of the region’s share is inadequate to repay the loan amounts in accordance with paragraph (2) above, the Federal Ministry of Finance must refund the aforementioned loan amounts from the region’s federal budget allocations.
  1. The Ministry of Finance makes a bank deposit with each of the aforementioned institutions in an amount equivalent to the loan amounts of each of them, which is withdrawn after executing paragraphs (2, 3).
  2. Within thirty (30) days of the date of issuance of this decision, the Federal Office of Financial Supervision, in collaboration with the Office of Financial Supervision in the region, shall audit the number of employees and those covered by social welfare salaries and retirees in the region according to the lists submitted to the Federal Ministry of Finance, as well as the amount of their salaries. In conformity with the specifications established by the two aforementioned offices.


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