The coordination framework talks about the “possibility” of deciding on the selection of Al-Halbousi’s replacement before the local elections


The coordination framework, which brings together Shiite political groups, indicated today, Wednesday, that a decision on the next speaker of parliament might be made before the governorate council elections slated for December 18.

Hassan Fadaam, the framework’s leader, told Shafaq News Agency, “There is a possibility of deciding the election of the new speaker of the House of Representatives before the governorate council elections, and the political forces in general, not the coordination framework, are in dialogue and studying setting a date for holding an extraordinary session of Parliament to elect the new president, especially since there is no presidential election this year.” “There is no interest in obstructing the resolution of this important entitlement.”

He went on to say, “There is no division within the coordination framework regarding the names nominated for the position of Speaker of Parliament, especially since the framework is not a political alliance, but rather a coordination meeting between the Shiite forces, to coordinate positions, determine the compass for political action and the interests of Iraq, and take the necessary steps to support the government.”

“There are different views among the coordination framework forces regarding the names nominated for the position of Speaker of Parliament, and perhaps the framework does not fully support one person, and the framework may have two or more opinions,” he continued, “but now the coordination framework is studying the nominated names, and will soon inform the Sunni political forces of its findings.”

“Every political party in the framework is free to support any candidate it deems appropriate,” the coordination framework’s head concluded, “and the decision remains within the House of Representatives through voting and any candidate obtaining a majority of the votes.”

Based on the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court, the Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives resolved to officially terminate the membership of Council Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi as of November 14, 2023.

On Tuesday, November 14, the Federal Supreme Court, “the highest judicial authority in Iraq,” announced the termination of Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi’s membership, amid a lawsuit filed against him by Representative Laith Al-Dulaimi, who accused him of forging his (Al-Dulaimi’s) resignation from membership in the House of Representatives. As a result, the Federal Court determined that their membership (Al-Halbousi and Al-Dulaimi) should be terminated.


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