The coordination framework accuses Al-Halbousi’s party of trying to bring down Haider al-Abadi


The Coordination Framework accused the Taqadum Party, led by Muhammad al-Halbousi, of attempting to destabilize former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday.

According to the coordination coordinator, “while the coordination framework praises Haider al-Abadi’s role during the period of the war against ISIS terrorist gangs, it denounces the unacceptable overreach and attempt to distort the facts by people with projective goals whose goal is known at this time.”

He went on to say, “The framework confirms that it worked hard to restore the national ranks and move the political process towards stability, but at the same time it rejects and denounces the statement issued by the Taqaddam bloc regarding Dr. Al-Abadi and the many accusations, deceptions and fallacies in it, and that history bears witness to the great sacrifices that were made that culminated in the victory over ISIS gangs.” We do not accept its confiscation, but rather twist the facts and accuse those who contributed to it.”

He said, “The political blocs must preserve the gains achieved instead of escalating for ends that do not serve the stability situation the country is currently experiencing at all levels.”


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