The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Friday that the US Federal Reserve’s dollar shipments are progressing according to the timetable and timeframe agreed upon by the two monetary institutions.

He said in a statement obtained by Shafaq News Agency: “On Thursday, the shipment was received on time,” disputing news and media rumors that supplies to the bank were being stopped or reduced.

The Central Bank of Iraq urged the media to broadcast correct information on Iraq’s monetary policy and to get it from official sources such as the official website and official social media accounts.

According to the American daily “The Wall Street Journal,” Washington denied Iraq’s request for one billion dollars in cash from the Federal Reserve Bank on the grounds that it would clash with their attempts to limit Baghdad’s usage of the currency and block illicit financial flows to Iran.

According to the American publication, “the banknotes in the hands of Iraqis have become a lucrative source of illicit dollars that return to militias and corrupt politicians, as well as Iran.”


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