The budget is “locked up” by the Ministry of Finance… it will be spent after local elections are held for this reason!


Political writer Essam Hussein stated today, Friday, that despite the approval of the Presidency of the Republic, the tripartite budget has not entered into force, indicating that the reason is the fear of exploiting it electorally, and this does not mean that they are afraid of stealing the budget despite their professionalism in the art of thievery and theft without being affected by the law and in various ways. Multiple and outstanding, however some governors participating in rival electoral lists in Shiite and Sunni governorates are concerned that it will be used to promote their governorates.

He also indicated in a publication published by ” Jarida ” that this meant more voters and, maybe, a landslide victory for their lists. As a result, the budget remains in the Ministry of Finance until the provincial council elections, after which it is released if they receive enough votes to govern the province. Otherwise, if they lose control of all of Iraq’s governorates, this money will be locked up in the Ministry of Finance, meaning no reconstruction or development. “Imagine these people calling themselves statesmen,” he added, “and I say they are election merchants with no good in them.”


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