The arrival of a large American convoy coming from Baghdad on its way to Ain Al-Assad


On Monday, a security source in Anbar province stated that an American convoy had arrived from Baghdad province and was heading west to the Ain al-Asad air base.

According to the source, “a large American convoy is coming from Baghdad province on its way to Ain Al-Asad air base in Al-Baghdadi district in the Hit district, west of Anbar, without knowing the reasons for the convoy’s arrival at the base building, some of whose sites are under the protection of US forces.”

According to the source, “the convoy stopped for a while on the international highway that connects Baghdad governorate with the areas west of Anbar due to a defect in one of the convoy’s tires,” adding that “the convoy’s movement was accompanied by a flight of American aircraft over the areas where the convoy was present to protect it, to its place of stability, stressing that” the convoy He arrived on his way after fixing the defect.

According to reports, the Ain al-Assad facility, west of Anbar, sees the entry of military convoys and equipment from other provinces and from outside the country on a regular basis.


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