The American Embassy decides to close dozens of its offices and institutes in Baghdad


The American Embassy in Iraq shuttered many institutes, counseling services, and opinion polls in Baghdad on Sunday.

According to a reliable security source, “The American embassy in Iraq decided to close dozens of institutes and training, employment and counseling centres, in addition to English language teaching and opinion polling centres, in the capital, Baghdad.”

He went on to say, “These centers and institutes hide behind them security and political goals and objectives to achieve their interests in Iraq and strike the societal fabric in Iraq, according to various titles.”

The insider went on to say, “The decision to close came after the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted its military bases in western and northern Iraq, for fear that the hand of the resistance would reach these headquarters and expose them.”

He went on to say, “America is trying to withdraw all parties and means associated with it in the country, especially after the recent increase in attacks on its bases, which confirms the American administration’s fear of the steps of the Islamic resistance in Iraq.”

Last Wednesday (October 18, 2023), the Iraqi Islamic Resistance claimed credit for striking American outposts in Ain al-Assad and Harir in Iraqi Kurdistan, while American troops threatened further operations, emphasizing that they would not stand by and watch the genocide being perpetrated against the Iraqi people.


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