Sudanese directs to link the Central Bank, customs and border crossings


Before noon on Wednesday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani convened a special meeting of the Networking Committee for Border Ports in the presence of a number of government experts.

In a statement, Al-Sudani’s office said the “listened, during the meeting, to a comprehensive presentation of the port networking project, the system designed to manage it and the unified and central database it provides, in addition to the possibilities of interconnection with the controls in order to enhance security and follow up on transit trucks.”

The statement went on to say that Al-Sudani “was briefed on the developed electronic declaration system, the smart tracking system inside the ports for trucks, and the obstacles to completing the project, which began work on in March 2023, and which will reduce time and limit financial corruption, smuggling operations and customs manipulation.”

According to the statement, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the draft system including broad automation in border crossing processes, securing their work in a centralized manner, and creating a unified examination image that contains all the required information, directing that reliance on the human factor be reduced to the greatest extent possible.

The statement went on to say that Al-Sudani was “directed to accelerate the integration of the link between the departments, in order to reach a state of linkage between the Central Bank, Customs, border crossings, and all sectoral departments, praising the efforts made to complete the work of this system and implement it to its full potential.”


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