Sudanese Advisor: Iraq Is Experiencing A High State Of Economic Stability

Sudanese Advisor Iraq Is Experiencing A High State Of Economic Stability

Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the Prime Minister’s economic advisor, stated today, Saturday, that Iraq is witnessing strong economic stability.

“The country is living in a high state of economic stability as a result of the approval of the general budget law and the launch of new projects and businesses in its various aspects,” Saleh told Earth News Agency, adding that “the budget law has already touched a positive income added to more than a million citizens through new jobs and an expansion of social welfare, with High determination to maintain support programs in the range of fuel, agriculture, and the food basket.”

“The launch of the spark for service work across the country and on a large scale has led to the simultaneous activation of the business sector and the labor market, particularly in combating unemployment activities and the continuation of a strong demand policy that helps sustain the provision of job opportunities,” Saleh added.

In various paragraphs, Saleh stated that “construction activity in the construction and infrastructure sector is in a constant state and has not stopped, but rather is on the rise,” noting that the building and construction sector is one of the vital sectors, employing nearly 20% of the national labor force. Human and Business Skills

According to Salih, “Iraq currently enjoys a surplus in the current account of the balance of payments relative to gross domestic product, which, in my personal estimation, is close to positive 10%, which is a high indicator that has helped strengthen Iraq’s balance of foreign currency reserves that support stability.”

“There are high hopes for the launch of both the Iraq Fund for Development and the Investment Development Road Project,” Saleh says. Thus, the convergence of good aspects in the route of economic life now surpasses many inherited negatives once the vision and the proper path in the road of growth became obvious, really expressing a successful partnership between the state.” And the market or the private sector without sacrificing social objectives


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