State Of Law: Sudanese Will Hold Meetings With The American Side Regarding The Rise Of The Dollar


Jassem Al-Moussawi, a spokesperson of the State of Law coalition, highlighted the reasons for the rise in dollar prices and its volatility today, Wednesday, suggesting that the Sudanese would arrange side discussions with the American side in this respect. “The reasons for the rise in dollar prices and its instability are manipulation,” Al-Moussawi stated in a statement to Earth News. Internally, there is a flaw that the government is working to correct, which has accumulated since ancient times in not adhering to a developed and correct system that ensures currency stability,” pointing out that “the government has taken several measures and treatments and is continuing with these treatments.”

“The other side needs some kind of understanding with the United States of America because it is the partner for the dollar currency with the Federal Bank, and there must be allowances for the American side that take this stage into consideration,” he continued. This is the action that caused the Prime Minister to conduct side discussions with the US when he was in Washington.”The United Nations”.


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