Source: The Ain al-Assad attack succeeded in putting one of the base’s runways out of service


The US military air base in Ain al-Asad, Anbar Governorate, is facing a new reality today, Wednesday, after it was attacked by drones, resulting in the closure of one of its runways and significant material damage.

A source in the security sector said, “An attack carried out by three drones targeted the building of the Ain Al-Asad Air Base in the town of Al-Baghdadi in the Hit District, west of Anbar, and succeeded in causing serious damage to one of the base’s runways, which led to it being out of service.”

He went on to say, “The American forces rely on drones for defense and intelligence purposes, while carrying out reconstruction and rehabilitation of the runway that was damaged.”

He stated that “the attack caught the American forces off guard due to the presence of modern defense systems equipping the building to prevent any intrusion.” This spurred American soldiers to take exceptional preventive precautions at the Ain al-Assad facility, reflecting worry about the prospect of future such strikes.”

According to a security source, an explosion targeted an American military airfield in the Kurdistan Region’s Erbil Governorate on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the US Army also confessed that it launched a drone strike on its personnel at the Ain al-Asad facility, west of Anbar Governorate.

An Anbar Governorate security source verified that smoke was still billowing from the Ain al-Asad Air Base building after it was targeted by three drones.


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