Security media: Transporting ballot boxes and memory sticks is our most important responsibility during the elections


The Security Media Cell outlined a strategy to safeguard and transport vote boxes and memory sticks on Saturday.

“The security situation until this moment is reassuring,” said Major General Tahseen Al-Khafaji in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency, which “The Information” reviewed, “and the security forces are deployed after completing their preparations and capabilities, and they began examining the polling centers and conducted the process of receiving and handing them over to the Independent High Commission.” In preparation for the elections.

“The preemptive operations began 5 months ago and did not end the day before the elections,” he claimed. Rather, they continue even with voting, demonstrating their great degree of forethought and readiness.

He explained that “the most important axes of the security plan are that the atmosphere be safe for voting, while ensuring easy access to polling stations without curfews or cuts between governorates, roads, and even border areas,” noting that “voters from outside Iraq can come to cast their votes,” and that this “explains the high flexibility in the security plan.”

He stated that “the most important process during the public and private elections is transporting the ballot boxes and memory sticks and delivering them to the Commission, because it is obligated to announce the election results after 6 hours,” adding that “there is a plan for transporting the boxes and memory sticks, which depends on the Air Force.”


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