Rights demand the withdrawal of American forces without delay


Mohsen Al-Saidi, a spokesperson of the Rights Movement, accused the United States of America of perpetrating a flagrant breach of Iraqi sovereignty on Thursday, demanding the departure of foreign forces, particularly American forces, immediately and without delay or procrastination.

In an interview with the Maalouma Agency, Al-Saeedi stated, “Targeting the Popular Mobilization Forces clearly proves the absurdity of the presence of American forces and their danger to the security and stability of Iraq.”

He went on to say, “Targeting the Popular Mobilization Forces is a blatant attack on Iraqi sovereignty and on our security forces represented by the Popular Mobilization Forces,” and added that “targeting the Popular Mobilization Forces is a clear and open plan to support the Zionist entity.”

He went on to say that “his bloc will not remain silent regarding the continued American violations of Iraqi lands and will demand the removal of all foreign forces from Iraq.”

Political and public pressure is mounting for the withdrawal of American soldiers from Iraq, particularly in light of the recent American assault on the public Mobilization soldiers in Jurf al-Nasr.


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