Revealing the preparation of a special parliamentary “report” to evaluate the government’s performance


Today, Saturday, the Parliamentary Strategic Planning Committee announced the development of a special report to analyze the performance of the government and ministries over the previous six months, while also confirming the hosting of all ministers for the next six months.

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In an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, the Committee’s Vice Chairman, Mohamed Al-Baldawi, stated, “The Committee will work to host all ministries without exception, as we are concerned with monitoring the implementation of the government program and evaluating the performance of ministries, institutions, bodies, and even governorates.”

“All the institutions that are within the state’s path, we will work to follow up on their program and the method of its implementation and evaluation,” he continued, emphasizing that “these hosts come as a follow-up to the performance of the supervisory role towards the state institutions.”

According to the Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee, “there will be a report issued by the committee that reflects the committee’s point of view and its assessment of the level of performance during the first six months of the government’s life.”

Previously, the Parliamentary Strategic Planning Committee hosted the Ministry of Communications, where they addressed a number of significant files with the minister and heard about the ministry’s government program’s future direction.

Director-Generals and several officials from other ministries were heavily chastised. As a consequence of their poor performance and failure to provide the services demanded of them to people, despite the fact that they have been in their posts for many years.


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