Revealing parliamentary pressure to legislate the oil and gas law


Bassem Ngheimesh Al-Gharibawi, a member of the Oil, Gas, and Natural Resources Committee, indicated on Tuesday that there is legislative pressure inside the House of Representatives to adopt the oil and gas legislation.

According to Al-Gharibawi, “There is a real intention among most of the political forces within the House of Representatives to legislate the law during the next semester.”
He said, “There is a real will to legislate the law in a way that preserves justice in the distribution of wealth among the oil and gas producing governorates.”
He stated that “the country needs to legislate the oil and gas law to end the dispute over oil wealth between the center and the region,” adding that “parliamentary pressure is on the country to legislate it.”

The Al-Fatah Alliance parliamentary group affirmed the presence of a broad political agreement to enact the oil and gas legislation, implying that Parliament is awaiting the completion of the final text of the bill by the administration.


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