Revealing a parliamentary agreement to pass blocked laws


On Saturday, the State of Law coalition’s representative in Radhi urged the administration to speed presenting critical bills to the House of Representatives for approval, affirming the existence of a legislative agreement to approve crucial bills within the current session.

“There are important laws waiting to be sent by the government to the House of Representatives,” Radi stated in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, adding that “there is an agreement between the Presidency, the blocs, and the government to pass important laws.”
He went on to say, “The laws of civil service, retirement, infrastructure, oil and gas, and the Federal Court are still suspended for political reasons.”

He stated that “important and contentious laws require political consensus and understanding before being voted on.”

Omid Muhammad, a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, reiterated Parliament’s aim to adopt a collection of essential legislation during the next parliamentary term, adding that service initiatives will be prioritized.


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