Reducing imports and increasing local industry… new measures to stabilize the price of the dollar


A parliamentary source revealed today, Thursday, the decisions of the Parliamentary Finance Committee meeting on analyzing the report of its subcommittee on following up on procedures for the dollar exchange rate problem.

According to the source, “The Finance Committee decided to host the relevant authorities in the government banks and the Ministry of Industry and take the option of reducing imports and supporting the national industry to preserve the dollar and not go abroad, thus reducing the loss of the currency and reducing the disparity in the exchange rate.”

He went on to say, “The measure to reduce imports and support the industry will limit the country’s loss of hard currency and its retention at home, thus reducing the need for dollars and resorting to the black market.”

It is worth mentioning that Moeen Al-Kadhimi, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, recently stated in a statement to Al-Mutala’ Agency that initiatives to lessen the gap in the dollar exchange rate are still being implemented in accordance with well-studied methods.


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