Pressure paper.. Deputy identifies four factors that confused the dollar market


Representative Muhammad Al-Baldawi listed four elements behind the ongoing turbulence in Iraq’s dollar market on Monday.

Al-Baldawi said in an interview with “Al-Ma’louma” in which he said “the post-2003 accumulations, the security unrest, and the lack of clarity of a comprehensive vision for reviving the national economy led to the dollar becoming an influential standard in the economy, especially since all the oil sold goes to a bank account in America before it is sold.” He lands in Baghdad.

He added, “The turmoil occurring in the parallel market and the rise in the dollar exchange rate in recent weeks are clearly behind 4 important factors, most notably the US Federal Reserve’s delay in sending dollar shipments to the central bank and its repeated threats to impose sanctions on it within the framework of an American pressure policy that wants to directly strangle the national economy.” “.

He stated that “the economy is a clearly defined American game that is trying, through the dollar, to raise prices and create instability in the markets,” emphasizing the “importance of reconsidering the diversification of the basket of currencies and seeking to end the file of dollarization in the markets by adopting the dinar to pay internal dues.”

The dollar selling market is in an unstable position as a result of the continual increase and decline, which has caused concern in Iraqi markets.


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