Muhannad Al-Rawi, an independent political activist, announced on Saturday that the “Taqaddum” Party faces collapse within thirty days following the ouster of its head, Muhammad Al-Halbousi.

Al-Rawi said in a statement to the “Al-Ma’louma” agency, “The Taqadum Party will collapse within thirty days, because the party was not built in a hierarchical form, but rather it was built on one person and the beneficiaries and stakeholders gathered around it, which makes it threatened with extinction after the membership of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, is terminated.” “.

He went on to say, “Within the next 72 hours, the party will witness political conflicts between leaders,” adding that “building a progressive party whose name is associated with President Al-Halbousi, and ending his assignment as head of the House of Representatives will make the scene complicated, and we are at a crossroads in deciding the fate of a party that is threatened with collapse.”

He went on to say, “The mechanism to terminate Al-Halbousi’s membership is judicial and not political as some imagine.”
It is worth noting that security authorities detained around 28 followers of the “Taqaddum” party on the basis of random shooting after a bogus news about the restoration of the deposed president to his office was aired on social media sites.


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