Politician: Barzani’s presence in Baghdad in conjunction with the American delegation was not a coincidence


According to political expert Qasim Balshan, the appearance of the regional government team, led by Nechirvan Barzani, in Baghdad on Wednesday, coincided with the arrival of a US Treasury Department mission.

“Implementing the constitution and the law does not require a delegation from the region to come to Baghdad in order to negotiate the amounts and funds that the Kurdistan government seeks from the center,” Balshan told Al-Maalouma.

“The regional authorities act as they please and may consider themselves above the constitution and the law,” he continued. This is a significant blunder since it violates the country’s constitution and laws, and administering things based on political moods and understandings is regarded embarrassing for the Iraqi state.”

He said that “Masoud Barzani threatened Baghdad with the American side in order to obtain the money he wanted.”

He stated that “the arrival of the US Treasury delegation simultaneously with the presence of the region’s delegation to Baghdad was not a coincidence, to fulfill the desires of the region’s government.”


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