Politician: Al-Sudani focuses on 3 points during his stay in New York


According to political analyst Sabah Al-Ugaili, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani will focus on a number of issues during his visit to New York, the most significant of which are the dollar issue, the relationship with Turkey, the water issue, and Khor Abdullah.

“Al-Sudani has the most important issue in New York,” Al-Ugaili informed Al-Maalouma, “as he is trying to emphasize this issue through his meetings with US Treasury officials.” As for highlighting the topic of American military presence, Al-Sudani is unlikely to do so during his visit to the aforementioned city because it would anger Washington.”

“America is working to procrastinate, procrastinate, and evade its commitment to the Strategic Framework Agreement,” he said, saying that “the American side has announced that it will not leave Iraq.”

According to him, “Al-Sudani will focus on the dollar file, relations with Turkey, and the water file, as well as Khor Abdullah, as it will be present on Al-Sudani’s agenda during his presence in the United Nations General Assembly.”


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