Political warnings about Barzani’s attempts to blackmail Baghdad and obstruct the oil and gas law


Today, Friday, political analyst Ibrahim al-Sarraj warned of Barzani’s attempts to blackmail Baghdad and stall the adoption of the oil and gas bill in order to secure concessions that violate the constitution.

“The failure of the Erbil government to manage the region negatively affected its dealings with the center,” Al-Sarraj said Al-Maalouma, “as it tries to search for a victory for it or divert attention from the problems in the region and the tensions between the union and the democratic party.”

“The regional government, despite signing an agreement providing for the delivery of revenues of 400 thousand barrels to Baghdad, will not abide by the oil and gas law, but will seek to find everything that disrupts the draft law,” he continued.

Furthermore, he stated that “the government of Erbil may resort to the method of blackmailing the coordination framework, and it may look for loopholes in order to disrupt the law, or find loopholes, or whatever disrupts that, or seeks to obtain a privilege that distinguishes it from the rest of the provinces, and this matter is contrary to the constitution, which stipulates equality in rights and duties.”

Earlier, Qahtan Al-Wandawi, an official of the Turkmen Front in Kirkuk Governorate, confirmed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party seeks to control the joint operations headquarters in Kirkuk in order to achieve victory at the expense of the security services and the state’s prestige.

The province of Kirkuk has seen tensions and skirmishes with security personnel in recent days, incited by Masoud Barzani’s party through mass mobilization and inflammatory speeches.


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