Political movement: Washington does not want stability in Iraq and is angry with the people’s satisfaction with the government


Jawad Rahim Al-Saadi, Secretary-General of the Jihad and Construction Movement, confirmed on Thursday that America and Iraq’s enemies do not want the country’s stability, particularly its security situation, pointing out that what irritates them the most at the moment is the people’s satisfaction with the government.

According to Al-Saadi, “Iraq possesses strong intelligence services that are capable of detecting and thwarting any attempt to cause a security breach or terrorist operation from outside the country before entering Iraqi territory.”

“Iraq began to recover in security after achieving victory over terrorism,” he said, “but there are those who are trying to raise problems and problems after finding that there is satisfaction and acceptance by the people towards the Sudanese government.”

In addition, he stated that “what enrages Iraq’s enemies the most, including the American side, is the people’s satisfaction with the government.”

According to Al-Saadi, “there are those who seek to ensure the country’s instability and the continuation of security tensions in various regions and governorates.”


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