Political current: The Sudanese government has opened 20 files in its war on corruption and will not back down


On Wednesday, a political movement reported that the government had launched more than 20 files in its anti-corruption campaign.

In an interview with Al-Maalouma, Bayariq al-Khair Secretary-General Muhammad al-Khalidi stated, “Corruption in state institutions is great, and it is immune through multiple political forces that have economic offices that have led to the wealth of their leaders, and there are many examples.”

“The Sudanese government opened more than 20 files in its war on corruption,” he continued, “but it is still in a circle that has not reached the senior corrupt people,” emphasizing that “the government may not venture at this stage in exposing all those involved, but at some point it will face a challenge in resolving the situation.”

“Ending corruption means giving credibility to state institutions and reassuring citizens of the political process, in addition to the administrative and financial chaos that has resulted in the loss of hundreds of billions of dinars over successive governments,” he stated.

Iraq has a high percentage of corruption in its departments and institutions, not to mention a lot of money being wasted.”


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