Planning: The Development Road and Al-Faw Port projects will change the course of Iraq’s economy


The Ministry of Planning examined the national development plan for the years 2024-2028 today, affirming that the Development Road and Al-Faw Port projects will alter the trajectory of Iraq’s economy and may contribute a significant portion of the state’s earnings.

According to Maher Johan, Undersecretary for Technical Affairs, “the Ministry organized a conference to open discussion on the national development plan with the participation of the ministries and concerned authorities.”

He also stated, “The plan highlights internal social, political, economic and institutional challenges, in addition to external challenges related to geopolitical conditions and climate change.”

He went on to say that “the priorities relate to four main programmes, including supporting human capital, enhancing infrastructure interconnected with productive sectors, and the path of economic diversification,” and highlighted “the importance of digital transformation and radical reforms in economic transformation.”

Johan went on to say that “strategic projects such as Al-Faw Port and the development road can play a vital role in changing the course of the Iraqi economy and achieving a significant contribution to state revenues and gross output.”


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