Parliamentary warning: The rise in the price of the dollar poses three risks at the same time


Representative Hadi Al-Salami warned on Tuesday of the consequences of losing control of the dollar’s parallel market exchange rate after it surpassed the 163 dinars per 100 dollar barrier.

Al-Salami told Al-Maalouma: “The rise in the dollar exchange rate to levels exceeding 163,000 dinars per 100 dollars is a matter of great concern, as it increases pressure on the markets and leads to a rise in the prices of commodities, including food, to levels that burden millions of poor families.” “.

“According to the law, the Central Bank is responsible for monitoring, following up on, and determining the currency exchange rate, as well as supervising the performance of banks,” he said. The rise in the exchange rate indicates three threats in one: rising costs, increased societal demands, and increased worry about the economic situation.”

He went on to say that “the Central Bank is responsible for investigating many cases that have been filed by the Integrity and Public Prosecution Office regarding the presence of suspicions of corruption in currency issues and the distribution of banks’ shares of the dollar.”

The parallel market for buying and selling the dollar is on the increase and has surpassed the barrier of 163 thousand dinars for 100 dollars, raising fears about a further rise.


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