Parliamentary services: The provincial budget is released after the local elections to prevent its political use


The Parliamentary Services and Reconstruction Committee stated today, Thursday, that the financial budget for governorate allocations will not be published until after the next local elections.

In a statement to Al-Mutala’ Agency, Committee member Baqir Al-Saadi said, “The financial allocations from the budget to the governorates will not be released at the present time and will be released to the governorates after the end of the upcoming provincial council elections.”

Al-Saadi went on to say, “The truth behind this is so that these allocations and budgets are not exploited by some conservatives for political issues in conjunction with the elections.”

He stated, “The budget includes many large service projects for all governorates.”

“Food security funds are still being disposed of by the governorates,” he added, emphasizing that “some governors and officials will be held accountable for the spending and fate of Food Security Law funds.”


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