Parliamentary Law announces the transfer of the General Amnesty and Oil and Gas Laws to next year


On Sunday, the Parliamentary Legal Committee announced that the reading and adoption of the universal amnesty, oil, and gas legislation will be postponed until the following parliamentary year.

“The general amnesty and oil and gas laws are important laws that require political consensus and agreement before they are included on the agenda of the House of Representatives,” committee member Ahmed Fawaz told Shafaq News Agency.

He went on to say that “the general amnesty law needs to prepare the atmosphere within the Parliamentary Legal Committee for its approval by its members before sending it to the Presidency of the House of Representatives for the purpose of the law being on the Council’s agenda.”

“The current time does not allow the House of Representatives to approve the general amnesty law due to the Council’s commitment to the legislative recess,” Fawaz stated. As a result, the universal amnesty, oil and gas, and other legislation will be debated and approved in the next legislative term of the following legislative year.”


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